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tEwesday nEwes

Quiet and serene
Is this color scheme
Like the car we are buying
Though my son keeps on trying
‘Dodge Charger great price’

The price was the same
And it does seem a shame
Could we be so daring?
At the cars we were staring,
Ford Escape just nice.


If the garage with the Dodge had been any closer we would have been wild and got it but my car is on its last legs and we just didn’t have time to go out there last night especially having left my son at baseball. He got a lift home. With Phil going away today we made a quick decision and were sensible. I think I would have felt a right berk driving everywhere in a charger. I’ll probably regret it waah!

Would you drive a charger?

Do you think this sheep would drive a Dodge Charger?

Happy tEwesday!

Back to One a Day

After watching this great video by Gary Bolyer about selling your art, I have decided to get back to my daily sheep.


What a great guy Gary is doing all these videos to help artists.


Since I am doing Kat Apel’s Month of Poetry in our group on Facebook it would be nice to share a poem on a Friday here and join in with Poetry Friday.


A poetic sheep perhaps.


I can’t seamlessly combine Poetry Friday with Draw a Bird Day (today too) so this here is a hodge podge post (for a change *snort*).


A Doggy Villanelle


and a few recent birds

20160103_094342 20160105_193412~2 20160107_153921

ďżźSince the blog will be mostly sheep, anyone who still would like to see my paintings can see them on my Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter (@CathM_Johnson) and my Society6 shop. I’ve also got some on a page here on my blog.

Any ideas what would be a good little giveaway for those who sign up for my future newsletter? Tips for beginner artists? Sheep jokes? 😆

Thanks for reading. Happy creating!



Hockey Mom Villanelle

This is pretty rubbish. I’d pick better rhyming words next time.

Excited to watch kids play
A game of hockey out of town.
It’s here, it’s on today.

I hope they hustle their way
Skating hard and sticks down.
Excited to watch kids play.

It’s such an exciting day.
Not playing for glory nor crown.
It’s here, it’s on today.

We watch the boys display
A juggling act fit for a clown.
Excited to watch kids play.

Please do get into the fray.
Be excited and don’t you frown.
It’s here, it’s on today.

When the whistle blows they’re away.
Verbs fly here, no noun.
Excited to watch kids play.
It’s here, it’s on today.

They played rubbish, I had lots of technical issues and can’t even find a hockey photo.  Slacker lol.

Anyone else fancy trying a Villanelle?


Scrambled Eggs and a Penguin


You cannot really
beat the laser focus of
making scrambled eggs.

It occurred to me whilst making scrambled eggs this first morning of the year, that it was a great example of focusing.

The dog wanted to come in the house in the middle of me making it and I just couldn’t leave it. She let herself in but has yet to learn to shut the door behind her.

I can usually do all sorts while making poached eggs but scrambled no way.
So if anyone wants to learn how not to get distracted or do one thing at a time then try scrambling eggs.

It’s month of poetry so expect a lot of poems this month as I dust off my poetry brain.

Happy New Year!



A Wild Celebration

This week is Irene Latham’s 10th blogiversary. Irene is a sweet lady who writes beautiful poetry.

I cherish two books of hers.



and Don’t Feed the Boy which is a great novel in verse about a boy at the zoo.

The theme of this celebration is Wild. See it’s even hidden in the title of her books 😉

After reading Matt’s great found poem it inspired me to do one too from an article in thriving family magazine.




Irene is an encourager of dreamers so this article seemed very fitting.


Read more wild celebrations at Irene’s blog. Happy Blogiversary, Irene!


Rat for Day 26 of #drawlloween2015


wpid-20151026_0823502.jpg.jpegRat alert
Rat alert
Rat a tat tat alert




Less of a poem and more of an intro to an amateur horror movie 😉

I found some very clever rats. I don’t think the guinea pigs could do this


One a Day: Hot Air Balloon Poem


Not yet ready to put my feet down on Autumn’s ground,

I grab summer’s colors,

Cotton and thread,

And make my own quilt,

Extending summer as

I drift over sunsets.


Onion Art


We’re going veggie here with our kids’ art today. Whiff, cry inducing onions are the paintbrush of choice today.

There’s onion Art:

and there’s onion art

Art In Red Onion Swan – Vegetable Carving Garnish:

And there’s borrow some young volunteers to do some art with onions for the first time:

 wpid-2015-06-07-17.24.07.jpg.jpegFun with onions

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Onion poem for adults (Ode to an Onion by Pablo Naruda)

And here’s one for kids and adults: (Franky the Onion and Garlic the Kid by Jeff Mondak)

Anyone got an onion poem just bursting to come out?



Lion Art & Poems


Lion art by C &H

Kids love lions because they are strong and wild. They are lots of fun to draw.

Young kids will love this fun lion art craft:

And for a bit older kids:

and one for adults:

Get your pencils out and get lion sketching.

I love this funky lion art by Iskoskikh Sveta


Just listen to the imagination of Shel Silverstein In this wonderful lion poem:

A Hilaire Belloc poem

Has anyone got a lion poem up their sleeve?

Have a great weekend! It’s P.A. day here, French Open tennis is on and I’m going to a wedding tomorrow. 🙂


Seahorse Art & Poems

are so magical for kids and adults, magical and dreamy.

They are a perfect fit for watercolors.

My seahorse is available as a print on Society6

It’s like Pinterest over there but just artwork mmm…






seahorse art by Rachel Russell done using zentangles









Kids can make this colorful seahorse craft

seahorse craft

Want to make an Andy Warhol style image?

This site does it for you for free.

seahorse-ConvertImage (2)








(Thanks Sylvia for sending me in the right direction)

Want to see real seahorses in action? I love the ones that look like they were in a fight with some seaweed:

Is it time for a poem since it’s Poetry Friday?

How about this wistful poem by the super talented and possibly wistful, David Elliot from his poetry book, In the Sea (I have this book, it is lovely!)

Poetry Friday is hosted by Margaret Simon at Reflections on the Teche and do check out her DigiLitSundays while you’re there.

Have a great weekend!