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tEwesday nEwes

Quiet and serene
Is this color scheme
Like the car we are buying
Though my son keeps on trying
‘Dodge Charger great price’

The price was the same
And it does seem a shame
Could we be so daring?
At the cars we were staring,
Ford Escape just nice.


If the garage with the Dodge had been any closer we would have been wild and got it but my car is on its last legs and we just didn’t have time to go out there last night especially having left my son at baseball. He got a lift home. With Phil going away today we made a quick decision and were sensible. I think I would have felt a right berk driving everywhere in a charger. I’ll probably regret it waah!

Would you drive a charger?

Do you think this sheep would drive a Dodge Charger?

Happy tEwesday!

A Sheep Tale

Ewegenie stared straight ahead not wanting to alarm her little lambs

but her senses were on high alert.

Gertrude was watching her, she just knew it.

Gertrude stood still as a statue, convinced Ewegenie couldn’t see her.

Unfortunately she held her breath for too long and passed out in the pasture;

Woken later by the bleats of victory from Ewegenie.


(Where am I going with this lol) Does anyone know what happened next?

A couple of people asked about cards of this painting. They are available in my Society6 shop.

Happy creating!

p.s. I had to chop the top off the image for Society6. If I can find somewhere to scan it in I will swap the image. It’s way too big for my scanner.



Green Sheep

104d7a75bd52f835d1fdb9e1dbe4b81dA quick hill roll in the afternoon

Did someone cut the grass?


Grandma Sheep & Kiwis Voting


I fancy developing this Grandma sheep, maybe try a digital version.Ā  tweaked the background a bit with PicsArt app.

Want to know how New Zealanders vote? šŸ˜‰

P.s. I didn’t even notice this stayed as a draft yesterday. Oops!


Charlie O’Shields

untitled (3)

I am thrilled to invite Doodlewash inventor, Charlie Shields to the blog today. It’s been ages since I had a visitor. Mind the cobwebs.

Charlie is very brave because I had a hair brained scheme to take a few real facts about Charlie so you can get to know him (those of you who are not already familiar) and I absentmindedly throw them in a super realistic slice of life poem ;).

So here’s tenĀ things about Charlie:

  1. Doodlewash – (both a name for a watercolor piece, my blog, and my passion)
  2. Philippe – (my husbandā€¦ also my passion, of course)
  3. Phineas – (our dog, the Republican)
  4. Paris – (where Philippe is from and where we go each year)
  5. Cake – (specifically “Christmas Cakeā€ a white layer cake with fruit Philippe makes)
  6. Moleskine – (where I make my doodlewashes… mostly)
  7. Pen – (Fountain Pen, Platinum Carbonā€¦ never leave home without it)
  8. Quip – (or Wisecrack works also I guess, itā€™s the way I write)
  9. Book – (love to read and learn from smart people, also dream of writing one for adults (cause I already did one for kids)
  10. Wine (evening fuel, like gasoline in a car)


Charlie started the day
with a quick doodlewash
before coming down for breakfast
which was cake.
He saved some for Phineas
who licked his lips.
Philippe, dressed in his Moleskine
quipped about going to Paris for the weekend.
‘Un moment!’ Charlie replied.
And he grabbed wine, his paints and a book.
‘Allons y!’

So does everyone feel like they know Charlie a bit better lol?

So a doodlewash is a doodle and watercolor in the same picture. Here is a post about Charlie’s first doodlewash.

untitled (2)

Isn’t a doodlewash the neatest thing? I must try one soon.

You can find Charlie and his doodlewashing machine here:



Thanks Charlie!




Baarmy Meditating

IMG_20150721_055127‘Did someone say meditate or medicate?’


Syrupy Stirrups


Syrupy Stirrups

My horse is wearing sandals, sunscreen and a hat.

She has syrup-coated stirrups which make my feet go splat!

When bees head for the syrup, I make the horse set off,

And thanks to all that syrup, I’ve never fallen off.

Catherine Johnson, 2015 @ (just kidding)

My youngest inspired this one by mis-reading stirrups for sandals. I just added the syrup factor for fun because it rhymes so well with stirrups.

Can anyone whip up a quick horse poem?


Bird Art & Poems


Birds are such graceful creatures. It must have been Teresa that got me into drawing them. Teresa draws the best birds I’ve ever seen:

birdTHereĀ is a great resource for teachers about birds and poetry. Douglas Florian gets a mention, surprise, surprise.

Did you knowĀ there are two types of kiwi in New Zealand.


really funny parrot video:

And one more cuteness overload with a Blue footed booby (what a funny name) to brighten your day:



Celebrate, Learn and Investigate


good news
Congratulations Elaine!


I tried to do that thing where you have four photos and they are all different colours in a square. Does anyone know how to do that? I did the star usingĀ (It’s free!)

and birthdays


Happy Birthday Teresa! I hope you can just about make out my squirrel for you. And I hope you’ve had a lovely day x


How to Draw a Dragon – Here’s a clue – get up close. You just never know when that might come in handy. I adore this book (just saying).




There is nothing more exciting than a mystery. Please join the hunt for the missing cheese cake.




Celebrate Learn Investigate


Horsing Around


Today is horse day around here. Neigh!


Want to read 45 random facts about horses? I like the Da Vinci one.

Horse making funny faces!




Can anyone whip up a horse joke or poem?


A lot of people who did the A-Z Challenge are doing a wrap up post. I really enjoyed Shanaya’s posts and she’s new to blogging too.

Here’s another blogger I discovered, Parul, with a blog post about Happiness and Food. What could be better than that?

I’ll share more next time. Have a great day!