#BOAW Blogfest: Feel Great Your Way



It’s time for Beauty of a Woman Blogfest hosted by the amazing August McLaughlin.

For the longest time I couldn’t think of what to write about this year. And strange as it seems Shaun T has the answer.

shaun t

While there is no hope of me giving up chips and chocolate I’m going to have to work my butt off to get slim again

When I was in Paris au pairing, a group of us au-pairs from all over the world were chatting in the middle of a train station. All my friends were decidedly skinny but I wasn’t far off being the same. Some guy walks up and calls me fat and all my friends had a go at him. That was a nice moment. I can’t imagine how a much bigger person would have handled that.

What’s really important (as August is always telling us) is how we see ourselves. Yes we can be influenced by others. So how do we reduce that influence and feel great?


My favorite part of Tae Kwon-Do used to be stretches and sparring. I have a punch bag now (but need motivation to use it yikes!) and we have just discovered Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs (I hope you didn’t expect me to say the insanity workout, jeepers!).

It is so fun, he is happy and funny and you don’t leap around much. There’s a lot of focus on keeping your core strong and music (Yay for music! The Voice starts tonight whoopie!).

It’s so much fun and you don’t feel exhausted doing it so you can do it every day. (Don’t ask me yet if I’m doing it every day ;))

 hiphopUs writers spend a lot of time sat down and doing this workout is helping me become more aware of my posture. When you sit at the computer sit up straight and hold your stomach in a bit and same while driving. Every little bit adds up, just like learning to draw.

Wanna feel great inside and out and develop a positive attitude, try Hip Hop Abs. Or just dance!

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