Month: June 2017

Summer Break

Wishing everyone a fab summer as colorful as this artwork. I’m going to have a blogging break. I’ll return in September. I’ll still post the art I make on Instagram. Have a good one!

Oil Pastel Tardis

For a while now I’ve wanted to do more scratching through top layer. That effect is so cool. I only really thought about it for acrylic paint.

I love oil pastels at the moment. They look so bright used properly. So how cool is it to use the scratch through technique with them.

Here is a tiny bit of scratch through:


And here is a really cool scratch through sketch. (Say that three times fast)

Already I’m thinking of scratching through the sheep’s wool, a hay bale, a wagon wheel and grass.

It’s such a fun project for kids to try in the hols if they will just do it.

Happy creating!


Happy tEwesday!

May the tangents you go off on today

Lead you into merry adventures.




Torn Paper Collage Artist: Dawn Macioca

Maybe it’s time to go smaller with the ripping.

Take more time.

Get more materials.

Be more intricate.

Try a ram?

Try a barn?


This is great inspiration:

It’s not really pool side friendly but it is deck friendly (if you clean up afterwards). The craziest place I’ve brought glue paper and scissors is my old car. Compared to painting you have to be careful of the wind. I’ve had bits of paper fly.

Happy collaging!


Barns and Trees

Red barns give the eye a fun resting place. And they look great in cartoons.

Small barns/farm houses in the distance add character to a scene. You don’t need too many details when its in the distance.

The next checklist (though I haven’t finished with barns) is to try some abstract trees and sheep.

Collage is calling me too. What is calling you?

Blessings to Paris today x



For a while now I’ve wanted to start drawing/painting barns with the sheep. There are so many wonderful photos and paintings of them on Pinterest:

All they need is a few sheep.

So I tried lol. It’s like those cake memes going about with the professional one and the one you did:

I posted an earlier version of this on Instagram and then realised my shadow on the sheep was in the opposite direction to the shadow on the barn doh! Always learning. So fun to stretch your skillset. I love pastels right now. The scribbliness really suits me. I suppose you can be scribbly with paint too.

Happy creating! Have a great weekend!