Month: April 2017

Portrait of a Legend

On May 1st 1994, I was out half the day at an open karate competition. Being from Tae Kwon-Do where you can only do touch contact it was going to be a tough competition. It was the first competition my grandma came to watch and I pretty much had my nose broken. Great. Thanks for coming Grandma. All those easy wins and you couldn’t show up to those lol.

On the way home I was anxious to catch up with the Grand Prix. I don’t know why we didn’t set it to record. Now I’m glad we didn’t. As I sat on the couch the news came on and gave me the biggest shock of my life. The rest is history but even watching the first part of this video I have learned something I didn’t already know. Senna used to live in England. Fancy that.

Every year I think I’ll do his portrait and every year I think I can’t do it. This was my first attempt this year:

Doesn’t even resemble him.

And this is my second:

I’m hoping a book I’m reading called Sketching in 5 Minutes will help me. I’m determined to draw the Leafs next. Inspired as always by Jill who is doing great with portraits and Nora McPhail who rocks the cafe sketching.

I know there are guys out there who only paint cows and even only use one medium, say oils, but it really is good to experiment and broaden your skill set.
If Senna had retired and turned to art, I bet he would have learnt it all. He was a master of focus, passion and commitment. His legacy will forever live on.

R.I.P. Senna

Wild Flowers

The weekend is here
run wild and free
if only to the store
for milk

CJ :0)


Selling Art From Your Website

Hi folks,

I had a wild idea to sell art from my website. I am not techie at all so I went straight to YouTube and I only went and found a video about installing your Etsy shop to WordPress. Hmm. Not exactly what I was looking for but for now I’ll keep my options open. If you already have an Etsy shop have you considered this?:

There are loads of these if the sound is too low on this one.

A much more daring endeavour is to quit Etsy and simply add the Paypal button to your website. Really good tutorial for that here:

I’m going to think about if for a couple more days and then go for it. Like my crazy hair lol.

I’ve gone from this:

to this:

The roots were coming through and it wasn’t good. Too bad I kind of miss the blonde already.

So anyone else doing anything brave?

Happy creating!



Poem for the #Leafs



Etsy Tips for Beginners and Healthy Breakfast

I know, super odd combo but creative types at home need to eat healthy. It’s so hard to leave those chips alone when they are right there all the time.

This is a great video for new to Etsy folks:

I’m doing most of those but I keep forgetting to find a great source for the stiff mailers. Still need to get on that. For now when I get an order for a print I can grab one from the post office. The local Staples only has enormous ones so they are no good. Amazon might be my best bet. The corrugated cardboard I would for now just rip up a box we have lying around. Maybe Amazon sells boxes of card I’ll find out.

I swapped my kettle bell with my friend today who has a slightly heavier one so watch this space. I’ll probably drop it on my foot ;0). I keep swapping between smoothies for breakfast and two eggs. You can get real bored with breakfasts so I went looking on YouTube for a more interesting one and came across this:

Brad Gouthro has the best fitness advice. Would you eat that for breakfast? I feel a poem coming on:

Kettle bells
Bacon smells
Chocolate yells
Scale tells

Hee hee Happy creating!


Mabel’s Poor Pour

(Mabel by H)

Add a color


Add another


Learning all the time and that’s what matters. I discovered I can use lots of different colors on one big piece of bubblewrap either altogether or separately over many paintings thus saving paint to make up for the pouring disasters. (woah that was a long sentence)

Here’s the bubblewrap ones. So easy. Do have a go.

Happy creating! 🎨


Happy Easter!

Bleats from the meadow
Echoed down through the valley
Easter’s happy song

Happy Easter to Ewe all! 🐰🐑💚😊


Before You Open An Etsy Shop Read This

Happy Monday everyone! Now here’s a book I wished I’d discovered before I opened an Etsy shop. It is jam packed with useful tips.

Here’s a few:

  • Make your banner in a photo app like Pixlr
  • Use keyword rich words in title and no need to duplicate in tags too. Use shop name as a tag.
  • Tell people where your work has been featured. For example, I would say my local coffee house Merli’s.
  • Find out about buying a return address stamp.
  • Add cost of shipping to product to offset high shipping cost. (That definitely applies to Canada)
  • Is your profile warm and friendly?
  • Get shipping quotes from post office and put in your policies
  • Discount voucher for future purchases?
  • Check for stats on your shop.
  • Consider an Etsy Treasury of different seller’s stuff on one theme (sheep).
  • DMOZ is a directory of websites you could list your shop on.
  • Add shop photos to Flickr.

And tonnes more useful stuff.

Worth a try especially if you are new on there.

Here is a very inspiring video from an Etsy seller of five years:

Get your Etsy on 🙂


Haiku: Ewe Called

Quick bleat back to base
Whilst out running my errands
Info for the flock

Anyone got a better one?

Catherine 🙂


Autism Awareness Day: Leafs style

After a super exciting win for my boy yesterday

I’ve still got hockey on the brain (Emotionally exhausted today lol)

It’s Autism Awareness Day today so I’m bringing out my favorite blues 😁

I keep thinking I’ll sketch them but my portrait skills are slipping further into the dustbin and then I thought intricate collage and ended up with this 😂. Oh well I’ll stick to sheep.

Are you promoting blue today?

Happy creating! 🎨