Orange Sheep!


Let’s start the week with some fun shall we? I heard a very interesting story about a farmer who was fed up getting his sheep stolen so he dyed them all orange. (I didn’t say it was a happy story πŸ˜› )

Here is the scoop if you are so inclined to check it out.

If you were a sheep would you be happy with that? I’m on the shelf at the moment. It would be funky for a day or two. At least get them some shades.

After a bit of investigating it seems that orange sheep are not so rare. Scotland has some for show purposes:


But those two examples are ( I believe) from being sprayed orange. There is actually an orange breed of sheep. This short video explains where they get the color from.

They look amazing! I want to paint them.

There’s even an orange pom pom sheep craft you can do with kids.


Let me know if you ever spot an orange sheep. Take a picture!

Happy creating!

Catherine πŸ™‚




I’ve been under the weather this week so I’ll just leave you with something nice and peaceful and sheepy πŸ˜‰

Make some noise at the weekend! The kids will be it’s a P.A. day tomorrow. That’s why I’m posting early. Have a good one!




How to Paint a Bubblewrap Sheep

Here’s an easy art project for kids and adults alike.

The curly wool of a sheep can be depicted many ways. Just think circles.


We all love bubblewrap and the circles are perfect for the wool of a sheep.

Acrylic paint would be the easiest paint to use for this, but I have watercolor paper right here so I’m going to use watercolors.


I used the browns and beige, the red and white. Rather than adding black for the features, I used dark brown.

When you paint the body of the sheep on the bubblewrap use darker colors at the front around the neck and darker shaded parts of the legs.

I used the same bubblewrap to do the legs. I pressed down left and right. It was an accident to get two left legs in so it looks quite realistic. One leg is implied hidden behind.

Next I used a dark part to do ears.light for hair and added eyes and mouth with a thin watercolor brush.

Grass is same patch used left and right but one big patch would probably do.


Why not have a go some time or try another subject.

Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨



Sheep Surfing

Need ideas for fun this weekend?

Surf’s up sheep!









I didn’t attempt to draw Blackpool Tower and although it was a lovely day out aside from the rock story there’s nothing really to say. Which got me thinking πŸ˜‚

A funny story worth telling about my holiday was a tragic tale of an unfortunate squirrel.

We went on a walk that was rather long for kids but my sister forgot it was her cycle route not a walking route doh! Anyway luckily there was a park halfway.

Three quarters around we were walking along a busy main road and I spotted a baby squirrel in the road. Having got everyone’s attention onto the squirrel, a double decker bus appeared.

Move, squirrel, move! But it didn’t and everyone was still watching. Well my sister and I just cracked up laughing that I had traumatized the kids like that. We were literally right next to it. R.I.P. squirrel. I won’t be pointing anything else out πŸ™‚ *cymbalsclanking*

If that was a bit too gross this is a much happier squirrel story

Today I had the idea to create a new page on here where I could put a bunch of holiday, animal, picturesque photos for anyone to draw/paint. So help yourselves artists if there’s anything you fancy painting.

And if anyone finds anything hilarious on the subject of sheep please send it my way – thanks!

Happy Creating!


How to Paint a Sheep in Oils

20160822_062807Sheep are a-plenty

Bleating out of sync

But life without them on the hills

Is boring. Don’t you think?


Ever wanted to paint one in oils? Here is a video to show you how:

I can’t remember if I’ve already shared these. If anyone wants to paint them feel free:


Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨


Rock Hard



For a laugh I was going to call this post rock hard abs but who knows who might come along if I did that lol. We always intended on calling in at a rock shop while we were in Blackpool, but I didn’t realise what an experience it would be.

There was one guy, though I think he said there used to be another one and then just his mum helping him make the rock and one or two servers behind the till. It was a long, narrow shop with all sorts of flavors of rock and some very funny writing in the rock (seriously check out each part before your kids start reading lol).

Too bad I’ve forgotten his name, here he is in action:

the at work workout
lugging around a sugar lump
rock hard pecs

(squeezing in a haiku ’cause it’s Poetry Friday!)

This is his mum who showed us the chopping machine so we got to see it get chopped into little pieces:

And this is the other end where you put the big slab of rock in to be stretched:

It was so similar to say watching a top artist in their studio on YouTube. I was hooked watching. That little rock shop sells rock all around the world and they are not even on Twitter lol.

There is a set time when he is making the rock right there in front of a line of people. He seemed very sociable. The only other workers I’ve seen that close were the glass blowers at a cool railway in New Zealand and a sculptor in a building in Christchurch. It’s such a thrill to watch them do their thing. I found it very inspiring.

Anybody been to Blackpool and tried rock before? Been inspired by anyone this summer?Next Friday I’ll share the Blackpool Tower photos.

Happy Friday!


New Start

The first day of school is so weird. I’m grateful for a bit of tennis to add some excitement and I’m super excited already that my son is with his besties and the best teacher. I didn’t think we’d be that lucky he had her last year. πŸ™Œ

So far I have cleared out a few toys (ssh! ;)) and tidied up my son’s room. I’ll hit my daughter’s tomorrow. Silly me thinking I’d do both. When you are not sure what to keep you shouldn’t rush it (says the hoarder).

I’m taking the dog for a walk next even though my son took her on a short one before school. Great idea to keep him off screens and ready for school without a thousand reminders.

I plan to blog on Mondays and Fridays and hope to tell you about the fabulous rock maker we watched in Blackpool next.


Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨


Selfie Art Day


Thanks to Yvette blogging her selfie I was reminded it was SelfieArt Day today. I love her pencil rendering, it looks like a black and white photo.

I went for the opposite look. A finger painting with kids’ paints. Maybe next time I’ll use dog hair and snail slime lol.

Would love to see more blogging friends do a selfie.

Someone remind me about bird day 8th please. I’ve missed a few of those. Just think by then the kids will be back in school.

We’ve been visiting my friend’s grandchild in hospital a lot. So cute! I can’t get on the wifi there which is quite refreshing I suppose.

Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨


Static Sheep


A turquoise πŸ‘
Farmer got a sense of humour
Until he has to find her.

Catherine 🎨