Selfie Art Day


Thanks to Yvette blogging her selfie I was reminded it was SelfieArt Day today. I love her pencil rendering, it looks like a black and white photo.

I went for the opposite look. A finger painting with kids’ paints. Maybe next time I’ll use dog hair and snail slime lol.

Would love to see more blogging friends do a selfie.

Someone remind me about bird day 8th please. I’ve missed a few of those. Just think by then the kids will be back in school.

We’ve been visiting my friend’s grandchild in hospital a lot. So cute! I can’t get on the wifi there which is quite refreshing I suppose.

Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨

Sketching Sheep

There’s a lake not too far from Phil’s parents cabin called Ullswater with beautiful hills all around it. A few years ago it was where I first went canoing.

This time with the kids we stood on the beach skipping stones on the water. Near the car park was a field of sheep so I took the opportunity to stock up on photos. Feel free to paint them.


Even if I paint the odd abstract or other animal, I am contemplating only blogging about sheep stuff. Bring back a bit of poetry and a few sheep jokes.Blog about twice a week.

We drove past a small gallery in Windemere and there was a fabulous painting of a goat with splatters too. Goats are so close to sheep so they might make a small appearance.

Here’s some quick sketches by me:


Henry Moore is a famous sheep sketcher and sculptor.

It’s fun to draw sheep now that I’m back in Canada with no sheep around here just tomatoes.

Happy creating!
Catherine 😀

A Brush with Brusho

How magical does this sound. Crystal watercolor pigment that you sprinkle onto paper then spray with water and it brightens and spreads out. Such is the fun of working with brusho. Having watched a video about using it for backgrounds, I’m now addicted to playing with brusho on its own.




My daughter did the colorful one, it’s that easy. I love that you get perfect circles using bubblewrap. I hadn’t even thought to using bubblewrap for acrylics. That’s one to try in the future.

Here is a quick example of brusho in action:

And here’s a very intricate use of it for wings of a dragonfly to get that translucent look:

And here is the one showing how to use it for a landscape background:

So many different uses. Anyone tried brusho before?

Happy creating!
Catherine 🙂

Eddie the Eagle

Squeezing in a quick post because in three weeks when the kids are back in school I’ll forget all my stories and I don’t always have any.

I watched Eddie the Eagle on the flight home and what a movie for creatives. I was so close to crying from his guts and determination in the face of a lot of opposition but I managed to compose myself lol.

Here is an excerpt if you fancy watching it:

As predicted I got a lot of stick for not having a job some subtly some not so subtly. Oh well it made the movie that bit more important for me to watch.

I actually sold my first iPhone cover while I was there so that made me feel better. Let us not forget that adversity is good. We need it. Well most of it 😉

One sad part of the hols, one of our guinea pigs died. He was a crazy one who kept annoying the other one (chewed half his ear off) so maybe it’s for the best. Funny story though. My daughter wasn’t paying attention when Phil told her about it and the guinea pig is named after my brother. She came up to me after and asked why I wasn’t more upset that my brother had died. I’m never letting Phil break sad news again lol.

My son did a bucket load of fun things he’s never done before like climbing a high wall.

IMG_2996 IMG_2892

Should we be more adventurous? What do you guys fancy doing for the first time?

Happy creating watching Oympics!

Catherine 🙂

Summoo Break

Time to recharge the old batteries

20160628_124625~2Learn some new tricks


As a calf it looked scary. So I added some width and all different colors:


Sock monkey?

The next one looks like the Darth Vader of cows:


That’s me at the end of the holidays after 5000 of kids squabbling 😂


Have a great summer and enjoy Watercolor month. I’ll post mine on Instagram. I won’t have internet in UK so I can’t commit to it every day. I look forward to seeing everyone else’s paintings.

Happy creating!

Catherine 💙🎨

Countdown to Summer and World Watercolor Month

I always find the last few days before the kids break up for summer so weird and unproductive. A mild panic sets in. I ask myself questions like ‘What will I not be able to do for the rest of the summer that I should squeeze in quickly?’

One thing for sure is to go out to lunch with Phil 💙

Last year I was so surprised at how often I got to paint, early but not too early, mornings. This time I fancy practising my drawing skills with pencil and pen.

Whether or not I’ll have time to do mamy watercolors for World Watercolor Month time will tell.

Thanks to Jill and my scrapbooking leftovers, mixed media is never far from my mind. I quickly added a simple boat to an old painting just to play around a bit. I’ll try newspaper next.

The lady at the pet shop gave me a grwat idea for next year’s Art at the Marina. I should find another artist and go halves. Great tip!

What would you do before the kids break up?

Have a great day!

Catherine 💙🎨

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