Hockey Abstract and First Stamp

For the blue streaks, which is supposed to be a bit like the ice, I used a fairly wide bristled brush. I used a ruler to do the posts and some netting from the satsuma box for the hockey net which I made bigger than the posts for a more abstract (and easier ;)) look.

To be completely handmade on the stamping front I guess a sharp knife is needed, but the tools you get in the Speedball Block Printing Kit are way quicker and easier to carve out stamps.

So my recommendation for beginners to stamping is get a few tools and practise on erasers. Here is my first stamp, a tree:

There are tonnes of ideas for stamps on Pinterest. I’ve started a stamping board with my favorites.

I bought a big plank of wood which I will chop into smaller blacks. I just need to find a cheap source of linoleum.
I got one block in the Speedball kit which I might cut in half but I’m saving that for after I’ve practised a bit.

Tip: Before you even buy a tool, scribble some stamp ideas down or print off copyright free clipart so you know which stamps you like.

Happy creating!
Catherine 🎨

Dolphin’s Passport #haiku

Here’s a couple more pages from the #artmarks30daychallenge:

There aren’t many marks on this, I was going for the minimalist look. Quite by accident it’s rather dreamy and looks a bit from outer space.

This one is completely different and looks like a dolphin’s passport or something. I feel a poem coming on.

Dolphin’s Passport


Enough nautical miles swum

For a stamp from every sucker

On an Octopus’s tentacle.


For those of you on Instagram, here’s a few cool art journalers to follow:







The next post will be about making your own stamps with things around the house.

Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨




Stamping Fun

So here’s a couple of art journal pages from the #artmarks30daychallenge:

I stamped the whole page before adding anything else. Now I think it’s too stampy and the composition is rubbish. Composition practise is the nearest I’ll come to having a New Year’s resolution. I do like the paper sheep but with a busy background as well they are too much. Do you agree? I used my daughter’s stamps and some kids’ paint she doesn’t want.

This is upside down and I actually prefer the composition but now the sheep is upside down. This is the advantage to pure abstract you can turn them around any way after they are done. Most of this is done with brusho watercolors.

Today’s page was done early because it’s my birthday and I have fun stuff planned (lunch out and a movie later 👌😀)so here it is:

I discovered this great mixed media artist a couple of days ago and she makes beautiful art journal pages. I haven’t watched this entire video I jumped to different places but it is very cool. It makes me want to add things to my art supply shopping list 😉

Happy creating!
Catherine 🙂


Creative Challenges

It’s a new year

Time for some new ideas!

As if by magic my browsing stumbled across a most magnificent mixed media artist this morning.

Rae Missigman

She just happens to be starting an art marks challenge today.

It sounds fun, easy and creative. Anyone fancy that? Check out her website it is full of creative goodies.

Maybe this year I will blog about challenges I find or even make up a challenge myself.

For example stamping using kids’ stamps might be a fun one.

I like the idea of setting a timer. The urgency might make the pictures a bit crazy. 😝

Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨


Draw a Bird Day

Thanks to Teresa I know it’s draw a bird day today so I threw this together because that is my favorite challenge. Better a naff bird than no bird 🐦.


It’s a bit dark. Throw some snow at it.

Next time I shall spend way more time on it and paint one.

Any bird suggestions for next time?


A fEwe more days of hols

Sheep dip
Ewe renew to school.

CJ 🎨


Happy nEwe Year!

As a new year breaks the ice

Be brave

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

And power up.

What do I mean by power up?

I’ve had low energy for the longest time and I blamed it all on kids waking me up. That passed back in February but again I thought maybe it takes time to power up. Not so.

I had low iron ages ago but thought it was better. Not so now I’m on iron tablets twice a day. I’m going to feel like a rock star soon lol. We can sort out the cause of the low iron too so win win.

What shall I do with all this extra energy? Get fit! That’s my aim for 2017. I lost ten pounds recently and put some back on at Christmas but I’m excited to lose more.

Here’s to an energetic 2017 for us all!

Happy New Year!

Catherine 🐑




A Christmas Flock

Folks flocked to see the Christmas miracle.
Fleeces rubbed together for warmth.
Children baaed and hoofed around.
The shepherd looked on in delight.
The sheep put on their fine display
Without realizing they were even in a play.
‘It’s a Christmas mutton!’
‘Nay lad, Suffolk sheep these are.’

The sheep dreamt of fairy lights and odd humans that night.
They awoke to the sound of merry bleating as before the flock stood three wise shepherds.

‘We are here to announce the joining of our flocks. May the flock be with you.’

A very Merry Fleecemas to you all x


Draw Half a Bird Evening



Ewe News

Well what an adventure it is to have a stall
What will people like if anything at all
Lots of compliments flew my way
But oh what a very very very long day.
I’ve never worked in retail
Only office jobs and home
Sitting still for hours
is so hard nowhere to roam.
Some preferred to stand but I preferred to sit
I scribbled down some artwork for a little bit.

I covered my costs, sold a teeny amount
Matthew’s giant pretzels didn’t figure in the count.
Grateful for his presence. He stayed the whole second day
I would surely have fallen fast asleep and snored the day away.

I met some lovely people. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch.
And now I’ve got some fresh ideas for jewellery and such.
People seemed to like the collages much better than abstract.
The wooden things on others’ stalls were pretty that’s a fact.
So now I’m on the hunt for bark and odd bits and bobs.
Glue and sticks and wool and stuff all stuck in sheepy blobs.


These are two of the ones I sold.


Never too old to hang with Santa

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